December 5, 2009

Baby Expressions

For this post, we've collected several pictures from Christian's second and third months of life which demonstrate his many facial expressions. As a side note, the puppy in the first picture was named "Jellybean" by Ava prior to Christian's birth. She also has a "mommy puppy", a "daddy puppy", and an "Ava puppy".

Playful (I love my little puppy friend):

Confrontational (don't even think about trying to put me down for a nap):

Happy (I'm up from my nap...):

Really happy (...and ready to eat):

Sad (why is mommy making me wear this ridiculous hat?):

Really sad (enough with the pictures already):

Surprised (a bottle for me?):

Perplexed (what do you mean you're out of milk?):

Pensive (how can I ensure they never get any sleep?):

Feigned shock (that stinky smell is coming from me?):


Anonymous said...

Too cute, too darling, too adorable! He is such a personable little guy. I just could squeeze him. I love all these expressions. You have captured him perfectly!--GrannnyO

Kelly said...

Wow he looks really different in every picture. I can't wait to see him again in person to see what he looks like now.

Sally said...

Wow- I thought Ava looked like her dad, but he is a ringer. The surprised and sad look he definitely gets from you! Can your family tell? Amazing - he is growing so fast and has quite the personality for so young!

Hailey said...

Ok-he is Preston's twin in about half of those, and Luke's in the other half...
I LOVE his expressions!!