January 31, 2009

Abigail Ruth

Abigail Ruth Furr was born Monday, January 26th to Kelly and Ryan (Larry's brother). Her middle name was given in memory of Kelly's grandmother.

She weighed 8 lbs. 4 oz. and was 21" long.

Abigail is Ava's first cousin on the Furr side of the family, her sixth cousin overall.
Here's Abigail home from the hospital fast asleep—just three days old. Check out all that hair!

And here she is all wrapped up after her first sponge bath.

Congratulations Ryan and Kelly! She is absolutely adorable. We can't wait to see you and baby Abigail in a few weeks!

Lots more pictures can be seen at Ryan and Kelly's blog, which requires a password for access (email Larry if you'd like him to send you the guest login and password).

January 28, 2009

Sweatshirts & Hoodies

During the cold winter months, we like wearing sweatshirts and hoodies around the house. Ava, who is becoming ever more observant of her parents' actions, likes wearing sweatshirts and hoodies too.

The great thing about sweatshirts and hoodies is that they fit most any occasion. Whether you're reading a book...


...playing the piano...

...or just plain old having a bad day because your Santa Claus pez dispenser is empty and mommy refuses to fill it up again for fear that your baby teeth will fall out from all that sugar.

We both have BYU sweatshirts that we wear a lot. As avid Cougar fans, we have of course made Ava aware of what those letters say. Now whenever Ava sees one of us wearing BYU attire, she points at the embroidered letters one at a time and repeats "B-Y-U." The first time we put this Calvin Klein sweatshirt on her she got a big smile on her face, pointed at the letters, and enthusiastically exclaimed "B-Y-U!"

She now repeats this routine for pretty much any article of clothing that has large letters emblazoned across the chest, be it Old Navy, Gap, or the name of some company that was handing out free t-shirts at the most recent expo Larry attended.

We realize that we are probably negatively impacting her future reading skills by encouraging this reaction, but we just don't have the heart to correct her. Before you judge us, however, we ask you if you could look into those eyes and say "Sorry sweetheart, but your sweatshirt actually says CK, not BYU."

We didn't think so.

January 5, 2009