March 23, 2008

Easter Festivities

For Ava's second Easter, she participated in her first egg hunt. The quest for candy-filled plastic eggs took place in Granny O's backyard. As you can see, Larry was having as much fun as Ava (if not more).

On Easter morning, Ava awoke to find an Easter basket for her on the kitchen table. It was filled with a lot of fun things, including a singing frog and a DVD of Disney's 101 Dalmatians.

Ava was determined to count all 101 dalmatians.

Her favorite Easter basket surprise was a book about animals.

Then we got Ava into her Easter dress and sat her on the stairs for some pictures.

She was a little camera shy at first, so we had to jump around like fools trying to get her to smile for the camera.

Although instead of smiling, she just looked at us like we were crazy.

However, she finally perked up and even made the sign for "more". (Guess those signing videos are starting to sink in.) We assumed this meant that she wanted us to take more pictures.

Apparently we were wrong.

So we took her outside to continue the photo shoot, which made her happy again.

March 15, 2008

March 10, 2008

Making Memories

Since my parents have been neglecting this blog lately, I decided to sign on myself and share a little story with our readers. One morning I was sitting atop daddy's lap while he was working on his laptop.
I was innocently eating my chocolate puffs when he asked me if I would feed one to him. At first, I wasn't sure if I wanted to share one of my chocolate puffs with him. He certainly wasn't sharing his laptop with me. Instead he just said "no, no, no" every time I tried to touch one of the buttons. He knows I hate it when he says that. And besides, it's mommy that stays home and plays with me all day.

But then I recalled a memory of daddy pushing me around the house in my wagon, which I have to admit was pretty fun.
So I decided that I would share a chocolate puff with him after all. However, something about this new memory didn't seem quite right.

There we go. Now that's the color in which memories are made.

What would we do without Photoshop?