December 14, 2010

Dancing Queen

In December, Ava had her first "mini" dance recital.
Parents and friends were invited to come watch the class perform.
Ava loved wearing her costume.
Her dance class included lessons in ballet, tap, and jazz. Here Ava is showing off her tap skills.
Here she is showing her first position pliƩ.
And here she is taking a bow.
We are so proud of our little dancer.

December 5, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We had a very fun Thanksgiving this year. Jordan, Danny, and Patricia were able to come visit and we got to see a lot of the Olsen family at our annual Thanksgiving dinner at the Hart's home. Here's Christian getting ready in the morning dreaming about all of the yummy food!
Here he is ready to go!
Ava, our picky eater, (if she had her choice, she would eat cereal for every meal), was not so excited about the food, but she was very excited to go and see the movie Tangled.
She decided to do her dance poses in the pictures to show her excitement.
Then Christian decided he wanted to get in on the posing. This is his "I'm a tough guy" / hip-hop pose.
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. The food was delicious, the movie was great, and the company was tons of fun!