September 29, 2008

Who's Bribing Whom?

Larry's brother Jamison started his freshman year at BYU a few weeks back. This also meant that we were fortunate to receive a visit from Larry's mom, who flew out to help Jamison get settled in for college. (Although we think the real reason for her visit was to spend time with her granddaughter—sorry Jamie!) Grandma Furr of course did her best to spoil Ava during her visit. Here's Ava with Grandma Furr and a little mechanical puppy that made the trip out from Pennsylvania.

The puppy barks, hops, kneels, does back flips, and drives us both crazy with all of its noise, but Ava is absolutely in love with it.

In fact, Ava couldn't stop hugging it the entire time Larry's mom was here, nor since she has left.

We think the puppy may get more hugs and kisses than mom and dad.

Realizing that she had hit a home run with the puppy, Grandma Furr asked Ava if she could have a hug, to which Ava happily agreed.

Then she asked for a kiss... and Ava was once again happy to oblige. (Apparently bribing her with the puppy worked—guess we'll have to remember that one.)

However, no sooner than Grandma Furr received her hug and kiss, Ava pointed at the cupboard. Grandma Furr took her over and Ava slyly grabbed herself a treat from off the shelf.

So we ask you: who was bribing whom?

September 28, 2008

From Curlers to the Curbside Catwalk

Having your hair styled for you isn't all it's cracked up to be. The other day Mommy decided to make my hair curly. I just wanted to go outside and play—disheveled hair and all. However, I had to wait to get my hair done. And let me tell you, that can take awhile when you've got curlers in. First, I read a book to help pass the time.

Then I watched an episode of The Little Einsteins.

After all that, it still wasn't time to take the curlers out. So I went and sat in my little room under the stairs to sulk.

Then I closed my eyes and tried to imagine myself playing outside.

Just as I was about ready to give in to despair, Mommy said it was time to get the curlers out. She finished my hair and I finally got to go outside. Here's a closeup of how my hair turned out.

I noticed some people walking by. Figuring they'd want to see my new curls and outfit, I decided to take a little stroll down the sidewalk.

I strut the catwalk pretty well if I say so myself. (Note my surefooted stride and the bounce in my dress.)

I guess having Mommy do my hair each morning does have its perks.

I just wish it didn't take so long.

September 10, 2008

Our Angel Fish!

Ava's two favorite things are being outside and playing in the water. She gets so excited when we are outside and someone's sprinklers go off. Ava always runs right over and tries to get as wet as possible. She also will beg you to turn on the hose so she can run through the water. Near the end of July, we finally bought Ava a little swimming pool. She was so excited as she watched us fill up the pool. Here she is in her swimsuit wondering when she will be able to get in.

Once in the pool, Ava began pouring cups of water on herself...

...and blowing bubbles.

Between the pool and the cups, Ava was having a blast.

She was so happy she even smiled for the camera (a rare occasion these days).

Before getting in the pool, Ava (who usually loves wearing hats) did not want to wear her swim cap. While distracted by the pool, I figured I would give the hat another try.

As you can see from her face, she wasn't too crazy about wearing her swim cap (I think the chin strap was driving her crazy).

Once Ava figured out how to undo the velcro, it was off with the cap.

It was a very fun day and Ava loved the pool. We are next going to try out Granny O's pool!