June 24, 2008

Hats! (and Socks)

Ava is at that age where she loves dressing up.

She will try on anything, whether it is hats, jewelry, or shoes.

She will spend hours going through all of her shoes and hats trying them on one at a time.

Not only does she like to dress herself up. She also likes to include Nala in on the fun.

Though Ava isn’t much of a shopper (yet)—she quickly loses her patience when I take her to the mall—she certainly likes trying things on when she’s at home.

Considering the number of hats that we have bought for Ava, I am so glad to see that she has finally started taking a real interest in wearing them and keeping them on for more than a minute.

You can see here how excited Ava was to hear that she was wearing one of her Aunt Maddie’s old hats.

Here Ava is thinking of how to get even more hats.

Ava also loves going through my closet and trying on all of my shoes. The other day I even found her putting on my socks.

I know that these are quite scarily bright socks, but they are actually so comfortable (I only wear them to bed).

Next up: getting her to love shopping!

June 12, 2008

Baby Animal Birthday Party

In early May, we went to Thanksgiving Point for their annual Baby Animal Birthday Party. Ava, our animal loving child, thought it was so fun. Before going out to see the animals, Larry and Ava toured the dairy display inside the barn.

Ava, who can moo like a pro, loved seeing the cow up close. Here she is getting an education of where her whole milk comes from. As you can see, this discovery made her a little queasy.

Ava was also quite enthralled with the baby chicks.

Next we went outside to see the barnyard animals. Here Ava and her cousin Seth are visiting with a baby goat.

Then Ava decided to try to get a little more up close and personal with the goat (luckily there was a fence). Krista was horrified by the thought of the goat trying to munch on Ava's fingers.

One of Ava's favorite animals was the chicken. Although she kept referring to it as a duck (as she does with most anything that has a beak). She was intrigued by the chicken's bright feathers.

After awhile, however, Ava lost interest in the animals and just wanted to run wild (taking her cue from the animals). Sadly, she had to be confined to her stroller. As you can see in this picture with her cousins Seth and Lucas, she was not very happy about it.

All in all, it was a fun day at the barnyard.