June 27, 2012

Ava's Second Dance Recital

If you thought Ava's Christmas dance recital was cute, wait until you see her spring recital. In case you can't spot her, Ava is the one kneeling front and center at the start of the number.
Please note that because of copyright law (the song used is from the musical Wicked), the video won't play on mobile devices and is blocked outside of the US.

June 10, 2012

Christmas Eve Nativity 2011

The second Annual Olsen Grandkids Nativity was bigger and better than last year. Maddie rejoined the cast as a non-grandchild, along with several nieces and children of nieces. Several other nieces also joined Freddy O and Luke as narrators. The only downgrade this year was that baby Jesus had to be played by a baby doll—a problem which is likely to reoccur this year; unless Betsy is with child and hasn't told anyone yet, or we try to pass a 7-month-old Ashton off as a newborn.

Christian and Zach reprised their roles as lambs (although Zach was sadly too big for a lamb costume this year). The two boys combined to help bring down the backdrop at the 8:10 mark.
Sophie joined Ava and Zoe as angels this year, because you can never have too many angels in your nativity. Be sure to check out the angels' mad dance moves at the 8:50 mark.

And without any further adieu, here's this year's production uncensored and uncut.

(in order of appearance)
Joseph: Seth
Mary: Bailey
Lambs: Christian & Zach
Angels: Sophie, Ava & Zoe
Wise Men: Maddie, McKenzie, and Sarah

(in order of appearance)

June 1, 2012

Sun Valley in September

Back in September we went up to Sun Valley for a couple of days. Sun Valley is one of our favorite vacation spots. It is absolutely beautiful and relaxing. We were especially lucky this time because all of the Olsen cousins were able to come. Here's Ava and Christian practicing their golf swings.

Ava and Christian had a great time playing with their cousins, going on bike rides, swimming, and staying up late watching movies. Here's the kids on Sunday before we headed home.

We had such a fun time and can't wait for more Sun Valley adventures!

May 20, 2012

Ashton's Newborn Portraits

The Monday following Ashton's birth we had his newborn portraits taken at DMC Studios. Here's our little lion at just four days old.

May 5, 2012

May 4, 2012


Since Ashton was born rather late in the evening, his first hospital visitors had to wait until the following day. No one was more excited to hold Ashton than his big sister Ava. Christian thought Ashton was pretty cool, but we're still not sure if he understands that the baby is coming home with us.
When Larry asked Ava if she was ready to take on the responsibility of helping out her mom with two little brothers, she emphatically replied that "Mommy can take care of Christian and I can take care of the baby." It will be interesting to see how that arrangement turns out.
Among the hospital visitors were Betsy (Krista's sister) and Owen, who both conceded that Ashton was cuter than their pet baby pig (though only slightly).
Granny O was quite pleased to be holding grand baby number twelve (although we suspect she'll be even more pleased to get some sleep after dropping our kids back off).
Krista's father and her sister Maddie enjoyed all of Ashton's little faces while he slept.
Although he was not caught on camera holding the baby, Krista's brother Jordan also came by to visit and share with us the news that he and Elissa just put an offer down on their first home. The rest of the Olsen clan were battling colds and opted to take rain checks in consideration of Ashton's own health.

May 3, 2012

May 1, 2012

Ava's First Day of Preschool 2011

Ava was very excited for preschool to start again. She has loved her preschool and couldn't wait to start going again. Here she is on the first day of preschool 2011!

She could barely wait to go in the door and was very patient with me while I took lots of pictures.
Here's Ava and her good friend Addison ready for the school year to begin!

April 29, 2012

Levi Archie

Levi Archie Furr was born on Wednesday, April 18th to Kelly and Ryan (Larry's brother). His middle name was given in memory of Larry and Ryan's paternal grandfather.
Levi weighed 8 lbs. 13 oz. and was 21½" long, which means Christian has held onto his title of biggest Furr grand baby (but only by an ounce).

Here's Levi with his big sister Abby. Although we currently have just one niece and one nephew on the Furr side of the family, we think these two more than make up for it in cuteness alone.

Congratulations to Ryan, Kelly and Abby! We can't wait to see you all again.

April 24, 2012

Christian Turns Two!

For Christian's 2nd birthday, we had planned a pirate water party. Sadly, the weather was so cold and very windy, so we were not able to have the water activities. The pirate party still turned out to be tons of fun and we were so thankful for all those who braved the wind to come celebrate with us.

Christian was so excited for his birthday and was so happy to have so many family and friends come and play.
 Here's Ava and Sophie in their matching swimsuits.
 And here are some more of our fun party guests.

Christian loved when we sang "Happy Birthday" to him and was clapping along with the song.
Even though there was no water, Christian still had fun playing in his new pirate ship swimming pool.
We love our little pirate!!

April 9, 2012

Getting Christian's Hair Cut

Christian loves to get his hair cut at Cookie Cutters. In the past, Larry has tried cutting his hair at home. Bad idea. Christian would not stop moving. Larry then tried taking Christian to the place where he gets his hair cut. Christian screamed the whole time. Then I started taking him to Cookie Cutters. He loves it and gets excited to go and get his hair cut! Christian has thick hair that seems to grow so fast and it has been great to have a place that he loves to go. He loves sitting in the cars and sits so still. It is amazing. Here are some pictures from last summer of Christian getting his hair cut.