May 4, 2012


Since Ashton was born rather late in the evening, his first hospital visitors had to wait until the following day. No one was more excited to hold Ashton than his big sister Ava. Christian thought Ashton was pretty cool, but we're still not sure if he understands that the baby is coming home with us.
When Larry asked Ava if she was ready to take on the responsibility of helping out her mom with two little brothers, she emphatically replied that "Mommy can take care of Christian and I can take care of the baby." It will be interesting to see how that arrangement turns out.
Among the hospital visitors were Betsy (Krista's sister) and Owen, who both conceded that Ashton was cuter than their pet baby pig (though only slightly).
Granny O was quite pleased to be holding grand baby number twelve (although we suspect she'll be even more pleased to get some sleep after dropping our kids back off).
Krista's father and her sister Maddie enjoyed all of Ashton's little faces while he slept.
Although he was not caught on camera holding the baby, Krista's brother Jordan also came by to visit and share with us the news that he and Elissa just put an offer down on their first home. The rest of the Olsen clan were battling colds and opted to take rain checks in consideration of Ashton's own health.


Danny and Trishy said...

yay!!! welcome little ashton!!

Liz O. said...

He really is a beautiful baby. We can't wait to get to see him in person!

Hailey said...

Congrats to you all--what a cute family you are!

B said...

so cute! and lol about Granny O (and Mad-she looked like she was about to fall off the couch) needing sleep :)