February 26, 2009


Give me an "A"
Give me a "VA"
What's that spell?

February 24, 2009

Welcome Home Danny

Elder Danny Furr returned home on February 13th after having served two years as a missionary in the Canada Halifax Mission. We weren't able to be back in Pennsylvania for his homecoming, but we did get some pictures from Larry's family. Here's Larry's grandmother and brother Jordan holding the "Welcome Home" banner as Danny arrived at the Harrisburg airport.

Apparently Danny didn't see much sun up in Canada. In March, he'll be headed back to BYU-Idaho, where he's not likely to see much sun either.

Jordan had hoped to outgrow Danny by the time he got home, but this picture pretty much proves that Danny is still the tallest of the five Furr brothers (which isn't really saying much).

Danny was of course very happy to be reunited with his cat Cougar. Sorry Danny, I don't think they allow you to have pets at college.

Congratulations Danny on an honorable mission served. We're proud of you and glad to have you back home.

February 22, 2009

Betsy & Owen's Wedding Day

Betsy (Krista's sister) and Owen were married Friday, February 6th. After a lovely ceremony in the Salt Lake temple, we all waited outside for Betsy and Owen to emerge. Ava got tired of standing and decided to take a little rest on the temple steps.

Betsy and Owen finally came out (just minutes after some temporary rain had died down). As you can see, they looked stunning together.

After pictures at the temple, we all dispersed to grab lunch and change into our outfits for the reception. The reception was held in the Empire Room at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Prior to the festivities, we gathered in the mezzanine for family pictures. Here's Ava's cousin Zach with his mother Erika (Krista's sister).

With six siblings on Betsy's side of the family and ten on Owen's, there were a lot of people to be posed by the photographer taking the pictures. Ava passed the time running around with her cousins. Here flower girls Annissa and Ava are sharing a darling embrace...

...which then turned into an unintentional headlock! Cute!

With the pictures completed, the party began. Betsy hired an excellent jazz band that (with the help of the younger children) eventually got the wedding guests out on the dance floor. Ava had a blast on the dance floor dancing the night away, but was kind enough to take a brief rest and give her daddy a slow number.

For not having had a nap all day, Ava was in surprisingly good spirits by the end of night as you can see in this picture of her with mommy.

Betsy and Owen looked like they could be on the front of a fashion magazine and everyone wanted a chance to visit with them and share their congratulations.

They finally broke away from the line to cut the cake, toss the bouquet, and share a dance. After which, they headed off to their honeymoon via a horse-drawn carriage.

It was truly a fairy tale wedding. And judging by the quality of the bride and groom, we're all very certain that Betsy and Owen will live happily ever after.

February 15, 2009

Betsy & Owen's Wedding Dinner

On February 5, we attended the wedding dinner for Betsy and Owen. It was held at the Skyroom Restaurant at BYU. Here are Owen, Betsy, and Betsy's close friend Dede.

For a very active two-year-old, Ava did very well sitting still during the dinner. However, she did take a few trips to neighboring tables to visit with aunts, uncles, cousins, and other family members.

Ava was very excited when she saw the BYU imprinted china plates.

This is Krista with her little sister Lauren, the next bride-to-be from the Olsen family (that is if we can find her a worthy mate—she's quite the catch).

The following is a slide show of several other friends and family who were in attendance.
Stay tuned for pictures from the wedding day.

February 5, 2009

Bridesmaids' Vegas Getaway

A couple of weeks ago, the Olsen girls got together for a fabulous Vegas vacation before Betsy's wedding (it's tomorrow!!).

Here we are at one of our favorite Vegas spots — the Bellagio conservatory. The conservatory is absolutely beautiful and amazing. The display in the gardens is changed five times a year to reflect the current season and it is always fun to see the new display. In January, the conservatory had a Chinese theme, for the Chinese New Year.

My favorite part of Las Vegas is the fountains at the Bellagio (sorry, I don't have any pictures). The fountains are a choreographed water show to light and music and is a must-see. It is absolutely amazing.

Of course the stars also love Las Vegas. Erika and I ran into Nicolas Cage (he was trying to look quite aloof in the picture).

Here the girls posed with Daniel Craig with their best spy looks.

Liz got a close-up with Craig, who remained in character throughout all of the picture taking.

Here we are at the Venetian on our last night.

Las Vegas was tons of fun with incredible shopping (we shopped non-stop), great food, and wonderful company. Congrats on your wedding Betsy!!