February 24, 2009

Welcome Home Danny

Elder Danny Furr returned home on February 13th after having served two years as a missionary in the Canada Halifax Mission. We weren't able to be back in Pennsylvania for his homecoming, but we did get some pictures from Larry's family. Here's Larry's grandmother and brother Jordan holding the "Welcome Home" banner as Danny arrived at the Harrisburg airport.

Apparently Danny didn't see much sun up in Canada. In March, he'll be headed back to BYU-Idaho, where he's not likely to see much sun either.

Jordan had hoped to outgrow Danny by the time he got home, but this picture pretty much proves that Danny is still the tallest of the five Furr brothers (which isn't really saying much).

Danny was of course very happy to be reunited with his cat Cougar. Sorry Danny, I don't think they allow you to have pets at college.

Congratulations Danny on an honorable mission served. We're proud of you and glad to have you back home.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on serving your mission, Danny! We are glad to hear of your safe return.--The Olsens

Anonymous said...

YAY for Danny!.. =)