March 29, 2012

Random Pictures of Our Little Guy

Here are some random pictures of Christian from last spring. He is so little in these pictures but he already has his crazy and fun personality.

Here is Christian and Zach at Betsy's birthday party. Christian and Zach are already good little friends. Christian talks about Zach all the time and always wants to go see him at his house.

This is one of the only pictures we have of Christian with a binky. Sadly, for me, he never liked his binky. On this day he happened to find one and put it in his mouth for a couple minutes before spitting it out.
This is at Ava's preschool graduation. Note: this is what happens when one parent wants their child to have longer hair and one parent wants the child to have spiky hair. It's a little crazy.

Like Ava, Christian loves playing outside. He spent many hours last year riding his car, swimming, playing with his pirate ship and looking for butterflies with Ava.

We love our little guy!

March 16, 2012

Random Pictures of Our Little Princess

We have so many pictures of our sweet little Ava. She loves to pose for the camera and can be quite silly. Here are a some of our favorites.

Ava has absolutely loved preschool. It has been so fun to watch her get so excited about school and so excited to learn new things. Here she is one morning all ready for school.
This picture was following a birthday party of one of her friends. It was also a time when Ava was obsessed with unicorns. She told me this is her "unicorn pose."

Another morning before school; you can see her excitement to be going to preschool!
Last May was her preschool graduation. At one point there was a video presentation of pictures from the school year, Ava was sobbing. She was so sad that school was over. She did brighten quite a bit when we told her she would be coming back in a couple of months. Here she is sitting by her cute friend Oliver.
Ava and her teacher, Miss Suzanne
When summer came, Ava found that she though she missed preschool, she loved summer! She loved playing outside for hours every day, riding her bike, planting flowers, running through sprinklers, playing with friends, playing on her swing set, and catching butterflies.

Here she is ready to ride her bike through the sprinklers and help me with the gardening. (I am not sure what the life jacket is about, but she really wanted to wear it).
Ava had a very fun sleepover with her cousin Sophie where they dressed up like princesses, made up dances, and stayed up all night. (I was not expecting 4 year old girls to be able to stay up so late!)

We absolutely love our little princess! Ava is such a sweet and fun little girl!

March 11, 2012

Easter 2011

Now that it is almost Easter, I wanted to put up some pictures from last Easter. (Someday, my blog may be updated). We started the Easter festivities at Betsy's birthday/Easter egg dying party. It was so much fun! Thanks Betsy and Owen for the fabulous party! Ava was very excited to use her Disney Princess stickers.
Christian was elated to use the Cars stickers to decorate his eggs.

Easter morning the kids got dressed in their Easter outfits for church. (We were running a little late for church after Ava and Christian were playing with their Easter baskets and Christian's hair is still wet for the pictures. After it dries, it is not quite so slicked back.)
After church we headed up to the Olsens for our annual Easter egg hunt and Easter dinner. Here are Ava and Christian searching for their baskets from Granny O and Freddy O.

We had a wonderful Easter and are looking forward to Easter 2012!