March 29, 2012

Random Pictures of Our Little Guy

Here are some random pictures of Christian from last spring. He is so little in these pictures but he already has his crazy and fun personality.

Here is Christian and Zach at Betsy's birthday party. Christian and Zach are already good little friends. Christian talks about Zach all the time and always wants to go see him at his house.

This is one of the only pictures we have of Christian with a binky. Sadly, for me, he never liked his binky. On this day he happened to find one and put it in his mouth for a couple minutes before spitting it out.
This is at Ava's preschool graduation. Note: this is what happens when one parent wants their child to have longer hair and one parent wants the child to have spiky hair. It's a little crazy.

Like Ava, Christian loves playing outside. He spent many hours last year riding his car, swimming, playing with his pirate ship and looking for butterflies with Ava.

We love our little guy!


Hailey said...

He definitely has Lar-Bear's hair, doesn't he? Oliver didn't like his binky for long'd think as moms it would make our lives easier not to have to take them away later, but I always wished he would have liked it too!
Christian is so cute!

Kristy said...

He is so appealing and so full of personality. What a darling little guy!

Kristy said...

He is so appealing and so full of personality. What a darling little guy!

B said...

I have no idea why mom posted the same comment twice :)
Christian is very cute, all the pics were darling-which parent wants the long hair and which one wants the spiky? Personally, I always have to mess it up a bit when he comes to see me :)
I think it is so funny that the kids all have little friends now, I'm always amazed that Christian knows Zach and Zoe and Erika so well!

Kelly said...

I like the pirate ship sand box!