August 30, 2010

August 23, 2010

Our Little Princess

In our previous blog post, we shared some pictures that corroborate our theory that Christian is part monkey. In this blog post, we present proof that Ava is destined to be a princess.

Here Ava gazes up at the camera with her princess eyes.

She adores having her hair arranged in various styles.

She likes taking strolls through romantic gardens and at times can be quite dramatic (as seen below).

Here our little princess poses in front of her palace.

Ava loves to wear princess dresses.

And like any true princess, Ava likes getting things her way.

She also likes dressing up and going to fancy parties with other royalty.

With this preponderance of evidence, we think you'll agree that Ava is on her way to being a princess.

August 16, 2010

Our Little Monkey

When Christian was still in the womb, and before we knew if he was a boy or a girl, we called him Jellybean. This nickname has stuck with him, mainly due to Ava calling him that most of the time. However, another nickname Christian has is Monkey.

Here's our little monkey in his monkey cage. He usually doesn't like to stay in there for long.

Here our little monkey is trying to climb up some furniture.

Although he is extremely curious and mischievously tries to get into everything he shouldn't, our little monkey always puts on an air of innocence.

Our little monkey likes to sharpen his teeth on all sorts of things, especially daddy's keys.

And of course what kind of a monkey would our little monkey be if he didn't like to monkey around?

We should note that he also really likes bananas.

August 9, 2010

Pirates & Indians

We have really been enjoying our annual membership at Thanksgiving Point this past summer. Ava's favorite Thanksgiving Point destination has been the dinosaur museum, which hosts fun activities throughout the year. One such activity was Pirate Night at the Dinosaur Museum. Christian came dressed as a swashbuckler.

One of the pirate activities was face painting. Although dressed in her pirate attire, Ava opted to soften her image by having a flower painted on her face instead of a skull and crossbones.

We're not sure that archery qualifies as a pirate pastime, but Ava took it very seriously nonetheless (so did Larry).

Christian made friends with one of the dinosaurs on display.

While Ava made friends with some fellow scallywags.

In celebration of its ten-year anniversary, the museum had a birthday party. One of the activities was to make Indian headdresses, which Ava and Christian decided to wear home.

They also had a face painting booth where Ava had Cinderella painted on her arm.

Christian was quite proud of his feathered headband.

Who knew that pirates and Indians could be so cute?

August 2, 2010

The Messy Meal Monster

Christian loves eating and gets very excited when he knows it's mealtime.

This is Christian before he has eaten—looking oh so sweet and innocent.

And this is Christian after he has eaten—looking like the messy meal monster he becomes when he feeds.

After one too many unscheduled laundry days resulting from meals like the one pictured above, Christian now knows he has to remove his shirt before eating.

He then waits (im)patiently while his food is being prepared; sometimes resorting to chewing on his fingers to tide him over.

As his meal preparation nears completion, he will sometimes drool in eager anticipation (this marks the start of his transformation phase into the messy meal monster).

With any luck, Proctor & Gamble's customer service department will soon send us on an all expense paid trip to Hawaii as a small token of their appreciation for all the Bounty paper towels we go through cleaning up the messy meal monster.