August 16, 2010

Our Little Monkey

When Christian was still in the womb, and before we knew if he was a boy or a girl, we called him Jellybean. This nickname has stuck with him, mainly due to Ava calling him that most of the time. However, another nickname Christian has is Monkey.

Here's our little monkey in his monkey cage. He usually doesn't like to stay in there for long.

Here our little monkey is trying to climb up some furniture.

Although he is extremely curious and mischievously tries to get into everything he shouldn't, our little monkey always puts on an air of innocence.

Our little monkey likes to sharpen his teeth on all sorts of things, especially daddy's keys.

And of course what kind of a monkey would our little monkey be if he didn't like to monkey around?

We should note that he also really likes bananas.


Hailey said...

what a darling little monkey! Love him trapped in his cage :)

Liz O. said...

Are monkeys also happy all of the time, too? That kid is always so content! Love that boy!

the sleepy time gal said...

what a cute little jelly bean!

Anonymous said...

He is a cute little monkey and a happy one! He has the most darling expressions on his face. What a doll!--GrannyO