August 23, 2010

Our Little Princess

In our previous blog post, we shared some pictures that corroborate our theory that Christian is part monkey. In this blog post, we present proof that Ava is destined to be a princess.

Here Ava gazes up at the camera with her princess eyes.

She adores having her hair arranged in various styles.

She likes taking strolls through romantic gardens and at times can be quite dramatic (as seen below).

Here our little princess poses in front of her palace.

Ava loves to wear princess dresses.

And like any true princess, Ava likes getting things her way.

She also likes dressing up and going to fancy parties with other royalty.

With this preponderance of evidence, we think you'll agree that Ava is on her way to being a princess.


Anonymous said...

She is a princess and whoever marries her will definitely have to be Prince Charming!--GrannyO

The Jones :) said...

Your kids are so darn cute!! I love all their expressions and sometimes wonder how you manage to get them all!!! They're both so adorable...monkey or princess...doesn't matter!!!

Hailey said...

What a darling princess, and you are so creative with her's too cute for words! I also can't believe how much she looks like Lauren!

Kelly said...

I showed Abby the pictures and she said, "Ohh, Pretty!"

the sleepy time gal said...

LOVE the second photo the best.

Danny and Trishy said...


Nancy K said...

I must say her hair is sooooo cute! It goes with her sweet princess face! Cute, cute!