April 24, 2012

Christian Turns Two!

For Christian's 2nd birthday, we had planned a pirate water party. Sadly, the weather was so cold and very windy, so we were not able to have the water activities. The pirate party still turned out to be tons of fun and we were so thankful for all those who braved the wind to come celebrate with us.

Christian was so excited for his birthday and was so happy to have so many family and friends come and play.
 Here's Ava and Sophie in their matching swimsuits.
 And here are some more of our fun party guests.

Christian loved when we sang "Happy Birthday" to him and was clapping along with the song.
Even though there was no water, Christian still had fun playing in his new pirate ship swimming pool.
We love our little pirate!!


Kristy said...

Great pictures of your fabulous party. You made everything
So darling. It was an amazing party even though the wind was blowing. The kids all loved it.

B said...

that was such a cute party! I'm sure you'll have loads of time to use the Pirate pool-which I also thought was so fun-this summer! ps: love the hats!

Kelly said...

looks like fun!