April 7, 2012

A Day at the Zoo

Last summer, we went for a day at Hogle Zoo. Ava and Christian were very excited to be able to go to the zoo with a lot of their cousins. Ava ate her cereal so fast because she was so excited to get to the zoo.

Christian's favorite part of the zoo is the train. He loves riding on the train.
And, he loves watching the train go by.
In the past we have skipped the playground part of the zoo, but this time, we spent quite a bit of time at the playground. Ava loved it.

We also did see some real animals—I just don't have any pictures. Ava's favorite was the bird show and the elephants. Christian's favorite was the elephants and the giraffes.


Kristy said...

Love the zoo! It is so fun to see how those two have grown up so much since last summer.

B said...

I love the zoo, cannot wait to go with the kids this summer!