December 21, 2009

Our Little Peas

While shooting portraits of the Olsen cousins, Jeppson Studios was kind enough to take individual pictures of each child. Christian was much more smiley alone than in the group shots.

Apparently he likes being the center of attention.
Although eventually he got tuckered out.

Ava threw a fit about midway through the photo shoot, but eventually decided to cooperate with the photographer.

You'd never guess from these sweet and innocent faces that she was having a meltdown just moments earlier.

Apparently she decided that getting her picture taken was princess-esque.

Two peas in a pod...

...twenty peas in four pods.


The Jones :) said...

Those are so cute!! And no you can't tell Ava was emotional at all...she calms down very nicely!! Christian is getting so big and has an adorable smile!! You have awfully CUTE kiddos!!

Anonymous said...

Nothing could be cuter!--GrannyO

Sally said...

Adorable! He really looks like Ava in the top picture. The Olsen cousin pictures are beautiful. They could be in a magazine shoot.

Kelly said...

I love the toes pictures. All the photos from this shoot turned out really great. I watched the slideshow for like half an hour when we were in PA.