December 24, 2009

Christmas Preparations

As per the annual Christmastime tradition, we gathered at Granny O and Freddy O's house for decorating gingerbread houses. Ava was very excited that all of her girl cousins on the Olsen side of the family (Sophie, Zoe, and Annissa) were there to make gingerbread houses too.

Ava was very proud of her gingerbread house creation.

Aunts Maddie, Lauren, and Betsy were feeling pretty proud as well.

While the girls were making their gingerbread houses, Larry took Christian to the basement with the other men (and boys) to watch football. Christian got a little upset when his mommy tore him away from the football game on TV to pose for this picture with his sister. Larry can sympathize, but has learned how to hide his true feelings behind a smile—a skill Christian has no desire to acquire at this time.

A few days prior to the gingerbread house festivities, we attended our church's annual neighborhood Christmas party. The focal point of the evening was a visit from Santa Claus.

Compared to previous years, Ava was pretty excited to see the man in red this time around. This has everything to do with the fact that she can now comprehend that Santa Claus = getting stuff on Christmas morning. And of course she was happy to receive the signature candy cane as well.

A few days later, Ava and Christian traveled to the mall with cousins Zach and Zoe to see Santa again. Santa appeared to have conspicuously altered his appearance during this time, but Ava didn't seem to notice.

Despite the lack of candy canes from Santa #2, Ava and Christian were still happy for the opportunity to relay their Christmas wish lists to Old Saint Nick.


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Hailey said...

what cute pics and even cuter kids! I love their Christmas duds :)

Rachel Rowell said...

Ava always has the sweetest smiles in all her pictures! I never introduced Joshua to santa. Am I a bad parent??? :)

geddesfamily said...

What darling pictures. Ava's hair looks beautiful with those curls.