November 30, 2009

Snow Angel

We recently had an early snow. Ava, who was absolutely terrified of the snow last year, begged us all day long to let her go outside so that she could play in the snow. Krista got Ava all bundled up for the blustery weather and our little snow princess ventured out into our backyard.

Upon reaching the back fence, Ava turned around to discover the trail of footprints she had left behind.

She then scampered back to the patio to point out the footprints she had made.

She continued making more and more footprints in the snow...

...pausing every so often to inform us that the snow was making a "crunch, crunch, crunch" sound as she stepped through it.

She finally grew bored of this game and stopped to admire her fancy footwork.

Then out of the clear blue sky she announced that she wanted to make a snow angel (we didn't even think she knew what one was). Upon laying down in the snow, however, she got a little nervous.

Now every time it snows (whether it sticks or not) Ava pleads to go outside.


Anonymous said...

What a great blog. It reminded me of that magical, first-snow feeling. I loved the picture of the snow angel.--GrannyO

Kelly said...

That nervous face is really funny. Abby gets that same look sometimes too. Maybe we will have snow in PA and Ava can teach Abby the ropes.

Hailey said...

She's so cute...I can't believe how long her hair has gotten!