November 15, 2009

The Two-Year-Old Stole the Show

As you've probably gathered from our last two posts, we had our family portraits taken last month, resulting in a lot of great pictures. However, the real star of the photo shoot ended up being Ava. This came as a complete surprise to us as she spent the first third of the shoot being too preoccupied about getting her boots muddy/having the tall grass rub against her legs that it was near impossible to get her to pose for the camera, the middle third of the shoot acting completely silly, and the final third of the shoot being completely uncooperative as her fingers, toes, and nose were cold as icicles. Nonetheless, the shoot yielded so many adorable pictures of Ava that we found ourselves having a hard time picking just a few favorites and finally resorted to adding another post just of her.


Anonymous said...

She is definitely star material!--Granny O

Kelly said...

It's so great when those photo shoots turn out great...they really are precious. Can't wait to see your little family soon!