November 26, 2009

Baby Photos: The First Month

For those that have been asking for more pictures of the baby, you are in luck. Here's little Christian at just ten days old.

Following in his sister's footsteps, Christian began studying the craft of sorcery when only three weeks old. Here he is trying to conjure up a bottle.

After several fruitless attempts, he collapsed from exhaustion.

At three and a half weeks he started smiling a lot.

Here he is at one month of age and becoming increasingly aware of his surroundings.

Stay tuned for more pictures of the baby.


The Jones :) said...

He's so cute!! Can't believe how big he looks already and he's not even that old!! Thanks for more pics of him!! Adorable!!

Anonymous said...

He is such a cute baby--so personable and eager to connect with the world. What a doll! I just love this kid!--GrannyO

Hailey said...

He looks so much like Ava in that last picture. He is darling!

Elissa said...

He is so adorable.