September 17, 2007

Reaching New Heights

Having mastered crawling, Ava began pulling herself up onto her knees a couple of weeks ago.

As you can see, she was quite proud of this accomplishment.

More recently, she has began pulling herself up onto her feet.

Watching her teeter-totter on her feet makes us pretty nervous. And she has had her share of falls.

For Ava, however, life on her own two feet has opened up her world to many new and fascinating discoveries.

And with this new perspective on her surroundings, the baby-proofing in our house now extends two feet above ground rather than just one.


The Jones :) said...

She's so cute...and getting so big!! Just wait when the baby proofing is 3,4,or 5 feet...when she realizes she can reach and climb!! Oh it's so fun!!! :)
-Becki :)

Elissa said...

Thats exciting! She looks like a pro standing there all by herself. She's darling!

Anonymous said...

Your life is going to get much busier now that she's become so mobile. And yes, the babyproofing will keep increasing! She looks very proud of herself. What a little doll!--Granny O

Anonymous said...

aww Ava. You guys should make some more video on youtube. it'd be so cool to see her trying to get up on her own two tiny little cute feets. ha ha