September 12, 2007

My First BYU Game

Two weekends ago I attended my first ever BYU football game. Before leaving for the game, my mommy and daddy dressed me up in a BYU cheerleader's outfit and took what felt like endless pictures.

Then they made me sit next to Nala and proceeded to take even more pictures. (Someone needs to clue them into the fact that Nala is a lion, not a cougar.)

I finally asked my fairy godmother if she would please get my parents to stop taking pictures and take me to the football game already.

Alas, we were off to the game.

But first we had to take a detour to Uncle Ryan and Aunt Kelly's apartment. Once there, everyone wanted to have their picture taken with me. First my parents...

...then Uncle Ryan and Aunt Kelly...

...and then Grandpa Furr, who was visiting from Pennsylvania. I was just glad that we were finally headed to the game.

Once there, I decided that football games are actually quite boring. All I wanted to do was get down on the ground so that I could crawl around and discover new things, but my parents wouldn't let me down.

Then Cosmo wanted to get his picture taken with me too. My parents were trying to get me to look at the camera, but I was too busy trying to figure out how to get down on the ground. The guy in the headphones was no help either.

Next I got my picture taken with a real BYU cheerleader. However, I was upset when I discovered that my outfit wasn't the same color as the cheerleaders were wearing. Apparently the cheerleaders hadn't gotten the "wear blue to the games" memo.

I stared longingly at the ground hoping she would take the hint, but she didn't. I guess it's true what they say about blonde cheerleaders.

Football games are also very hot. I had to wear my pink hat most of the day, which unfortunately clashed with my outfit. The water bottle was my only consolation.

Whilst re-hydrating myself, Uncle Ryan and Grandpa got their picture taken with some guy named Chad Lewis. Personally, I didn't see what was so special about him. He wasn't even wearing the right color.

Bored out of my mind and unable to get anyone to put me on the ground to play, I decided to take a nap.

I woke up later feeling very refreshed and got my picture taken with the BYU Cougarettes. I decided I liked the Cougarettes better than the cheerleaders since they were wearing the right color. Plus, they have better dance moves.

Finally the game was over. I was so happy that BYU beat Arizona, but mainly I was just happy to go home.

I think I'll be watching the rest of this season's games on TV.


James Rowell said...

Wow! How did you get her in so many pictures will such "official" people at the game? You must have had killer seats!

The Jones :) said...

LOL...these pictures are SOO cute!!! She's adorable...and looks like she was "real" interested in the game!!! How did you get her in so many pictures with people like that?!?!?! You must've been right by the field?!?!?! Cute post!!
-Becki :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! We have our own little celebrity in the family. She looks so cute with the cheerleader and the Cougarettes. I can just imagine her as one of them in the future. What a great little fan. You should send in some pictures to the Daily Universe!--Granny O

furrever said...

My brother Ryan scored us the tickets. He had a connection. We were sitting right in the front row on the south goal line. It was pretty sweet. Especially the TD pass to Pitta right in front of us.

Anonymous said...

OMG i love the pic of Mr. Furr holding Ava and the very last pic. she looked so cute.