September 23, 2007


About a week ago we finally introduced Ava to finger foods for the first time. Most parents would have done this much sooner, but Krista (who borders on paranoia in regard to feeding Ava new things) had to hear it was okay from the pediatrician first.

So following Ava's nine-month checkup, we got some Gerber puffs (more or less Cheerios, only they disintegrate in your mouth within seconds... oh yeah, and they cost three times as much). Anyway, we put Ava in her highchair and dumped a few on her tray. At first she just stared at them, then she poked at them, and then she struggled as we tried to force-feed her one to demonstrate that they could be eaten. After a few minutes, she finally figured it out and we quickly retrieved the camcorder.

A few of our favorite moments:
  1. The fact that half of cheerios end up in her lap (she's much better at getting them into her mouth now)
  2. Her kicking her feet and flailing her arms in excitement
  3. How she works at positioning each cheerio in between her thumb and index finger
  4. When she drops the second-to-last cheerio and then examines her hands trying to determine where it went
  5. Her trying to grab the last cheerio just out of her reach
We hope you enjoy watching (and re-watching) this as much as we do.


The Jones :) said...

LOL :) That was cute...and Larry I think it's even funnier that you put in the blog that Krista is so paranoid!! Klous was eating this like 6 months ago...which would have put him at 5 months!! :) It's alright...obviously she liked them keep letting her try new things...she'll be okay!!! :) :) :) She's too cute...and I love how her little feet just go crazy!!!
-Becki :)

EmpireStateGreenway said...

I love that Larry flicks the puff to her instead of handing it to her. "E" for effort there!

krista said...

Larry is exaggerating. We actually have tried giving Ava finger foods and some table foods (bread, cereal, etc) for the past few months but until last week, Ava did not show any interest in anything that wasn't mashed up or creamy.

The Jones :) said...

Well at least you know now that she's interested!!! You're funny Krista!! I was just giving you guys a hard time!! :)

Anonymous said...

She did a great job at getting those little puffs into her mouth. We could see an improvement in dexterity in just the four minutes that we watched the video. I tried to give her Cheerios at my house a couple of weeks ago, and she wouldn't even try them! Good job, Ava!--Granny O