September 29, 2007

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, This Little Girl Can Really Squall

This past Saturday, Krista hosted a Pampered Chef party at our home. That put me on babysitting duty. So I took Ava up to our bedroom and she and I watched college football on TV for awhile. She quickly grew bored of that (she's such a girl), and so I had to find another activity more to her liking. That's when she happened upon the closet mirror (as fate would have it, I had been hanging up some shirts earlier and had left the closet door open).

Ava, who now pulls herself up onto everything in sight, pulled herself up onto the closet door and there discovered a long-lost friend in the mirror. They apparently had a lot of catching up to do because they made quite a ruckus as they carried on about life and exchanged innocent kisses. Luckily, I was able to catch the tail end of their cavorting on video. Although I am sad to say I missed the game of peek-a-boo they had been playing (it was quite cute). Oh well, at least I got some of it. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Ava makes such a cute noise. ha ha
i could squeez her.

she's growing fast.

-Patricia =)

The Jones :) said...

LOL...that is too cute...that explains what all the noises were about during the party!! Good job babysitting Daddy...looks & sounds like she had a GREAT time!! She's so cute!!
-Becki :)

Anonymous said...

We heard her talking during the party and didn't know what she was doing. How fun to discover a little friend in the mirror. She is so adorable!--Granny O

Anonymous said...

Great work.