July 12, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Back in May we went to a Bees game with some of Larry's coworkers and their families.

Ava was super excited to wear her baseball jacket to the game. Technically it's a volleyball jacket, but we weren't about to tell her differently.

Christian enjoyed the baseball game as well. Especially because he got to stay up way past his bedtime.

Unfortunately, the Bees are not very good this year and lost miserably. However, the loss did not dampen Christian's spirits.

We had a great time at the ball game and hope to go again.


Britten & Chelsea Maughan said...

I love the Bees- looks like fun!

B said...

Def looks like fun! Ava and Christian both looked like they enjoyed the night immensely (which is likely spelled wrong but Mom will correct it)

Hailey said...

I love her festive jacket! Hudson has the exact same shirt Christian is wearing--did you get it at 4 & 20? We love the Bees games too, but I never get to watch because I'm always down at the playground/bouncehouse with the kids!

Kelly said...

I like that last pic of Christian he looks cute!

Anonymous said...

What a fun outing. I also love that last picture of Christian. He is just adorable. Ava looks so darling in her sports jacket. They are both just adorable--GrannyO