July 19, 2010

Paleontologist Pals

Since getting membership passes to Thanksgiving Point, we have loved going to the Museum of Ancient Life. Or as Ava calls it, the Dinosaur Museum. Her only complaint has been that we never took her sooner. In fact, she has asked us on several occasions, "Why didn't you tell me about the Dinosaur Museum when I was two?"

Several weeks ago, several of the Olsen cousins joined us at the museum. Here's Ava, Zoe, Annissa, and Zach checking out a replica of a baby dinosaur.

The museum has the largest collection of mounted dinosaur skeletons in the world. Here's Ava standing by a few of them in the museum entrance.

At this display, kids can turn the wheel to see a dinosaur change colors. Ava's favorite color to make the dinosaur was purple. Annissa's was pink.

Zach, Ava, and Annissa liked this exhibit of prehistoric sea life.

Everyone's favorite activity was playing at the erosion table where you can move sand to alter the flow of water. (Larry quite likes the erosion table as well.) Here's Annissa moving her dinosaur to higher ground.

The first time we went to the Dinosaur Museum, Ava was terrified of this shark replica and wouldn't go anywhere near it. As you can see here, she has since overcome her fear as she poses with Christian and Annissa amidst the shark's gaping jaws. Christian, however, looks a little nervous.

The cousins enjoyed the Dinosaur Museum so much that they all decided they wanted to become paleontologists. Here's Ava, Annissa, and Zach digging for dinosaur bones.

If you're ever in Lehi, come visit the Dinosaur Museum. Chances are we'll already be there.


Sally said...

Maybe we'll make a stop later in August :). It looks like a lot of fun. Ava is pretty smart to ask why you didn't take her sooner!

Anonymous said...

Ava is such a character. She is so smart. I love the cousin pictures. What darling little people.--GrannyO

B said...

I cannot believe I have never been there, I must come with you guys sometime in August!

Rachel Rowell said...

Fun! I need to head over there. I always forget it exists!