July 26, 2010

Historic Spring City

In June, we drove down to Spring City to attend a summer work party for the law firm where Fred (Krista's father) works. The party was hosted by one of Fred's coworkers who resides in what was once the Spring City judge's house upon its construction in 1875. Fred's coworker's wife was kind enough to give us a tour of her home, which she and her husband have done an absolutely amazing job of restoring.

Over the years, Spring City has become a magnet for fine artists due to all the lovely and inspiring scenery. Several local artists were at the party demonstrating their talents. It was fun (especially for Larry who has dabbled in the arts) to watch the painters transform a blank canvas into a beautiful landscape right before your eyes. Ava's cousin Annissa was in town; and while the two of them were too young to really enjoy watching the artists (despite Larry's efforts to make it seem really interesting) they had a wonderful time playing together.

In fact, you might say the two of them were pretty much inseparable throughout the day.

Ava and Annissa were so inseparable that we think Christian may have felt a little left out.

One of the highlights of the day was a horse-drawn wagon ride and tour of the the town. Our tour guide pointed out several historic landmarks (including the one you can see behind Owen and Larry in the picture below) and informed us that Spring City is one of only a handful of cities in which the entire town is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Did we mention yet that Ava and Annissa were inseparable?

We had a wonderful time in Spring City and are already looking forward to joining Fred's coworkers there again next summer.


Danny and Trishy said...

Oh my gush!.. i love Ava's hair straight. Look super duper adorable. Oh i'm so excited to see her in august and watch little mermaid. =)

B said...

that was an interesting day trip!

Kelly said...

Wow Ava's hair is so long! I agree with Patricia it does look cute.

Elissa said...

What a fun outing! Love the pictures!