September 29, 2009


We recently gave Christian his first bath since arriving home from the hospital. At first, he didn't look at all enthused about having a bath.

However, that didn't stop us from taking pictures of his cute little baby body. Those are some cute feet if we say so ourselves.

For the most part, he was pretty good during his bath. After it was over, we wrapped him up in a warm towel and made him pose for some more pictures.

He was very cute and cuddly in his warm, cozy blanket.

We think he looks pretty similar to Ava in her bath pictures, although with much less hair.


Anonymous said...

He is just darling! I think he looks a bit more boyish than Ava. I guess it's the fact that he has less hair.--Granny O

Danny and Trishy said...

Christian is adorable. i miss him already. =)

Sally said...

Yep - definitely related kids, huh? It will be fun to watch as his personality comes out. Congrats on the first "firsts" at home!

Hailey said...

I can't get over how darling he is!
And you've got to love Baby Magic...there's nothing like it!

B said...

I am glad to see you guys still have enough energy (despite staying up all night!) to do some photo shoots!
You were so great about documenting Ava's life-we all wondered if she would be the lucky first child, but, it seems, you are still clever with a camera!