September 23, 2009

Hospital Visitors

Okay, so we know our faithful blog readers have been checking back here daily, (im)patiently waiting for us to post new pictures of Christian (aka Jellybean). As you know, having a newborn around the house is not easy and we've got the cycles under our eyes to prove it. However, we're finally starting to re-get the hang of it and Christian is (thankfully) starting to sleep for more than 30 minutes at a time (he actually slept for four straight hours the other night—it was marvelous). Alas, now that we've finally gotten around to pulling all of our many pictures off of our camera, the blogging can resume. So check back often, because this is only the beginning.

During our three-day stay at the hospital, Christian received many visitors. His first set of visitors were his big sister Ava and Grandma Furr (who graciously watched Ava for us while we were at the hospital).

Christian also received visits from Granny O, Freddy O, Aunt Betsy, Uncle Owen, Aunt Lauren, and Aunt Erika, who is pictured below.

The next day Betsy and Owen came back for another visit and kindly brought along Uncle Jamison (pictured below), who as a poor college freshman is without a car.

Uncle Jordan, Aunt Elissa and cousin Annissa also came by to visit the little bundle of joy.

Thank you to all of our wonderful family and friends who have provided babysitting, meals, and lots of fun gifts for our new little son.


Hailey said...

He is such a doll! And I am a horrible friend since I haven't been to see you yet, but I do have a good excuse {we've all been sick, except Steve who always seems to narrowly escape it!} We promise we're coming as soon as everyone's nose is dry!
Can't wait to meet him!

Anonymous said...

We are so glad to see more pictures. He is such a darling baby!--Granny O

B said...

Didn't I get any pics with him?!