August 12, 2009

Play Time with Zach

I recently spent the weekend up in Preston, Idaho with my mommy and her family. I was so excited to play with my cousin Zach, but there's not too many things a baby can do. First I tried to see if he wanted to play swords with some broomsticks (that seemed like something a little boy would like), but he was too small for that.

Next I tried seeing if he wanted to ride bikes, but he was too small for that too.

Then I had a great idea... we could play in the pool! So, I got my bathing suit on and tried to coax him into the pool, assuring him that the water was warm.

I finally got him to come into the pool by promising him a drink of water.

He dumped his drink all over his belly, but didn't seem to mind. Next I showed him how he could kick his feet to make splashes.

However, Zach only managed to splash himself in the face.

I tried to get Zach to come out from under the shade by pointing out that sun was setting, but he was too worried about getting a sunburn.

I sure don't remember being so finicky as a baby.


Anonymous said...

That was such a fun day. Ava was so funny; at first she hated the pool. After she warmed up to the idea, she wouldn't get out. It was such fun to watch her and Zach.--Granny O

Hailey said...

I can't believe how big Zach is...and I swear he has Ethan's eyes! What fun little cousins!