August 25, 2009

Under the Sea

As mentioned in our previous post, another of Ava's favorite places to visit is the the Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy. Ava's first trip to the aquarium was with her cousins Annissa, Zach, and Zoe. Here's Ava anxiously waiting for her cousins to arrive.

Here Annissa waits for Ava to start paddling. Alas, the paddle was bolted to the floor. Oh well.

Ava wanted to go back two days later so that her daddy could see the sea life as well.

Of course she tried picking up the paddle again to no avail.

And then began contemplating how she might convince her parents to let her live at the aquarium.

Here's Ava blinking during a picture with her mommy.

If you haven't been to the Living Planet Aquarium, we highly recommend it. They have a lot of great sea life on display (not that you can tell from our pictures) and a season pass is only $16 (kids 2 and under are free).


Hailey said...

We love the aquarium tooo! Especially the new addition of the jungle part (South America? I can't remember). Anyway, we should go together sometime!

Anonymous said...

I want to go next time! Ava looks so cute in the boat. Her hair is getting so long; I usually see it when Krista has it pinned up in pony tails. It's darling down also.--Granny O

Anonymous said...

excited to see the babe and you guys. Ava is the beauty. =)