July 28, 2009

Sun Valley Serenade

Last June, we made our semi-annual trip to Sun Valley, Idaho with Krista's family. One of the fun things we did while there was to take Ava swimming. She was very excited while at the hotel (as pictured below), but was absolutely terrified to get in the water once we got to the pool. After trying to coax her in for nearly 30 minutes, Larry finally took her in kicking and screaming. Within minutes she had calmed down. And an hour later she had completely thrown caution to the wind and was acting as though she could swim if we would just let her go.

We did many other fun things in Sun Valley (eating, shopping, biking, watching Sun Valley Serenade for the millionth time), but failed to take any pictures until our last day there. Here are pictures of Ava with each of her parents.

For those that are curious, Krista was about six and a half months pregnant in the above picture.

We also got some pictures of Ava with her cousin Annissa. They make a cute little pair.

You may not be able to tell it from these pictures, but they were both extremely nervous to sit on this rock. They were certain that they were going to fall into the little stream behind them.

There's another trip to Sun Valley planned in September, but it just so happens to fall on the same weekend that a certain someone is scheduled to make their grand appearance. So, it's goodbye to Sun Valley until next year for the Furr family.


Anonymous said...

Those two little girls are so darling! What a fun reminder of our trip. I didn't realize that Jellybean was coming the same weekend as our next Sun Valley trip. I hope he comes before or after the trip so we can be there.--Granny O

Britten & Chelsea Maughan said...

How cute are those girls-I can't wait to see them (and you guys) at the Rodeo this weekend! It's definitely going to be the highlight of my summer!

Sally said...

Krista - you are SO tiny pregnant! What cute pictures. Ava's outfits are adorable. I can't wait to see Jellybean and his assembles. Best of luck making it through the summer, but by the looks of things, pregnancy really agrees with you. Way to go, Larry for coaxing Ava in. I did that to Ethan once and he threw up in the pool. Yes, aren't we a lovely family :). Take care guys!

Hailey said...

I love Sun Valley and haven't been there since Steve and I were dating...such fun memories!
Ava looks like such a fashionista as usual. I LOVE her Princess Leah

B said...

it was pretty funny how Ava and Anissa were so scared of sitting on the rock! Also, I enjoyed watching Ava's swimming experience.