July 22, 2009

The Crib Is Where The Heart Is

When we first found out we were expecting a new baby, we started preparing our guest room to be Ava's new room after Jellybean is born. The room has been done for several months now, however Ava does not want to give up her crib for a bed. She is very excited to play in her "bee room" (the name she dubbed for the room due to the bumblebees embroidered on the comforter) during the day, but does not want to sleep in there come nighttime.

The first night after the room was done, Ava was so excited to sleep in the bed. We tucked her in and she had a huge smile on her face. As soon as we walked out of the room, however, she promptly let out a little yelp and told us that she wanted to go back to her crib.

Since that day, we have been trying to transition Ava to her bed by telling her that Jellybean will need to sleep in the crib. We have even redecorated her very girly nursery to a boyish beach theme. Despite our efforts, she would respond by saying that Jellybean could sleep in the bee room and she would stay in the crib. We next tried telling her that since Jellybean is a baby he will need to sleep in the crib. Now she says Jellybean can sleep in the crib with her. Lucky for Ava, she still has more time in her crib since Jellybean will sleep in a bassinet for the first couple of months (or possibly longer if Ava has things her way).


The Jones :) said...

That is a dang cute room...can't imagine why she wouldn't want to sleep in it!! Good luck with the transition...and maybe Jellybean will like the bassinet more then the crib anyways. Aysha will NOT go from the playpen to the crib...guess she's used to smaller spaces!?!?! Good luck to you though!!

Kelly said...

Have you ever heard Larry's dad talk about how when the boys would beg him to sleep in their beds he would get in and spread way out and put his legs and arms all over them and say okay good night! And then they would say, actually dad, it's okay you can go back to your bed. Maybe if you put Jellybean in the crib and then put Ava in she will decide she would like more room in the bee bed...or maybe not. Well I'm sure it will work out when it needs to. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Jenn Erickson told me her little boy who is Ava's age will not give up his crib either. Her little girl is almost a year old and still sleeps in a pack 'n play because he will not give up the crib!--Granny O

Hailey said...

What a darling room!! If you get to be desperate, you could always disassemble the crib and then she would have no choice! (That's what we did with Hudda). Anyway, I'm sure it will all work out (or not, like Jenn's kids!)
p.s. I'm dying for a sneak peak at that baby's room...pretty please?