August 22, 2007

The Queen of Park City

We celebrated our sixth anniversary this past weekend in Park City. Ava did not care much for the hotel we stayed in (she slept horribly), but she did enjoy the cool weather and stroller rides.

She wasn't too interested in sitting with dad (she's going through a mom attachment phase).

But she really liked sitting with mom.

Even the bear was more exciting than dad.

And this statuesque couple.

And this keyhole monument to Edgar Allen Poe.

We came across a chess board and sat Ava down in her rightful place.

As you can see, she was quite pleased with her throne.


The Jones :) said...

Cute!! Happy Anniversary guys!!! Looks like you had a good little "break" ;) Ours is coming up as well...but think we'll take a break from Klous too?? We'll see!!! Cute post though!!
-Becki :)

Anonymous said...

What a perfect little royal person. She is so full of personality. We loved seeing her last Monday. She is growing up so fast and getting around so much more. We really enjoyed hearing her being so vocal. She is a true princess!--Granny O

Anonymous said...

soooooooo adorable! =)


Liz O. said...

It looks like you had a great time for your anniversary! You deserve it!