August 12, 2007

I'm a Barbie Girl

Ava is a true girly girl! She has a closet full of pink clothes, tons of hair accessories, and she absolutely loves jewelry (trying to put it in her mouth that is). Although we weren't sure if she was old enough for a doll yet, we let her hold one (made by her great-great Grandmother Erickson) and she absolutely loved it.

Whereas she typically tries to see how much noise she can make by banging her toys together, she was surprisingly very gentle and careful with the doll.
Ava was quite fascinated with her doll's tiny face, fingers, and bottle.

She was especially intrigued by how the doll held her own bottle. Ava has since figured out how to hold her own bottle as well. Apparently, it took a doll to demonstrate to Ava what her parents could not. How embarrassing for us.

When we tried to put the doll away, Ava held it protectively.

Looks like Ava will be helping to add to Mattel's bottom line.


The Jones :) said...

That is so cute!! Ava is getting so big...and independent!!! So cute...and WOW...that doll is old!! Cool that she can play with it though!!!
-Becki :)

Elissa said...

Ava looks adorable! What fun to have a girly girl?

Anonymous said...

Ava looks like a doll herself. The doll she is holding is old. My Grandmother Erickson, Krista's great grandmother, made it for Krista when she was little. I am so glad to see that Ava likes it. Granny E would have loved that.--Granny O

Anonymous said...

This is super cute

-Patricia =)