August 5, 2007

Ava Crawling for Real

After several weeks of slithering, belly-flopping, and nose-diving, Ava has finally learned to properly crawl. She was long overdue for a nap when we made her perform for the camera this afternoon, which is the reason for her grumbling and grunting as she makes her way across the family room floor. Crankiness aside, she did put on a crawling performance worthy of sharing. With a now mobile eight-month-old on our hands, it is clearly time for us to kick the baby-proofing up another level. The Furrs' Valuables Security Threat Level has been raised to red.


The Jones :) said...

That is cute!! I remember those days...and now he's trying to WALK :) Ahhh...just wait til she REALLY get crawling and goes real fast!! Good luck with the baby proofing!!!
-Becki :)

Anonymous said...

Aw Ava, she actually is crawling this time. she makes such a cute noise too and has cute outfits on.
she is growing so fast.


Elissa said...

I can't believe she is already moving all over the place. That is wonderful. She looks adorable!

Anonymous said...

She is SO adorable...I love the grumbling too:)