March 30, 2007

Pining for Spring

After several days of beautiful spring weather, we got hail and snow. Our little flower has had to stay indoors again; and is now pining for sunny days and stroller rides.

Despite the cold weather outside, Ava has been dressing like it's springtime inside the Furr home.
And so she continues to dress for warmer days while pretending that the white stuff on the ground is not really snow.

However, make-believe will only take you so far...and soon the realization that you won't be going on that stroller ride with mommy today sets in. How sad.

And so she continues to wonder, "what will freshly-cut green grass feel like between my baby toes?"

Hopefully she'll soon find out.


Anonymous said...

We love the new pictures. Fabulous outfits, adorable baby, darling little toes. What's not to love?--Granny O

The Jones :) said...

Her baby toes are adorable...and those little hats are too cute!!! We're all ready for spring time and the warm weather again!!
-Becki :)

Anonymous said...

I totally think this baby is just darling. I hope her grandparants are having so much fun with her.