March 5, 2007

America's Next Top Model

Ava Noel Furr has just been selected as America's Next Top Model. (This is Krista's favorite show—you can watch the new season Wednesday nights on the CW).

Upon the announcement, she immediately landed the cover of next month's VOGUE magazine.

The magazine did a six-page spread of Ava modeling this spring's up-and-coming fashions.

Other fashion magazine's looking to enlist Ava's services include Glamour, ELLE, Bazaar, and Mademoiselle.

Look for her this fall on fashion's hottest runways in Paris, London, and New York.


Anonymous said...

Krista, this is so adorable and clever. Ava is such a cutie! She is already getting a personality. We love her little smiley faces. We especially love the Vogue cover.--Granny O

The Jones :) said...

You guys are creative with your posts...and she just fits so well on the Vogue cover!!! Hope you guys have fun in Vegas this week...can't wait to see you and Ava soon Krista!!
-Becki :)

Anonymous said...

The Hart's say; This is definately a model baby!!! She is so beautiful! You had us thinking that she really is a vogue baby... Hopefully you'll shield her from the paparazzi!

Anonymous said...

oh my she is just the cutest little girl ever!!! Her smile is beautiful and that vogue cover is just too cute for words!

Anonymous said...

shes seriously in magazines now? haha, just make sure you keep her away from the hollywood scene! otherwise that's pretty awesome, i can say my neice is a star!

B said...

THe vogue cover is the cutest thing I have ever seen. You guys are great with photoshop of however it is you do it!!