March 18, 2007

Ava Accessorized

Ava is a true girly-girl. She loves shopping and wearing the latest fashions. And she of course knows that accessories make the outfit.

Despite what Larry says, there's no such thing as a bow that's too big.

Plus, the weight of the bow is helping to strengthen her neck muscles.


Granny O said...

I keep thinking that she can't get any cuter, and then you post these new pictures--cuter than ever! She is just so adorable.

The Jones :) said...

Oh my...she is so darn cute :) The accessories are adorable as well!!! Looks like the bow doesn't just strengthen her neck muscles...but opens her eyes a LOT wider!! Too cute!!!

Anonymous said...

I really need to know where you you get your headbands. They are so cute. Poor Cecily ends up with the same little walmart bows every day. Boring.
- amy

B said...

I like that smile in the middle picture!