October 29, 2010

Daddy & Christian's Adventure

In September, Larry flew to Pennsylvania to attend his grandfather's funeral. He decided at the last moment to bring along Christian (despite Krista's extreme concern that Larry would never be able to handle him on his own). It did turn out to be quite the undertaking as Larry had to single-handedly wrangle Christian through airport security and keep him entertained for six hours of flight time, two takeoffs, two landings, a layover, and two hours of driving; only to have to turn around two days later and do the whole trip again in reverse. As if that were not enough, they missed their return flight after being stuck in traffic for three hours and had to travel back to Larry's parents' house until they could catch a later flight (adding another five hours of driving to an already long trip). By the time they finally boarded their flight home, Christian had already spent more than eight hours in a car and it was fast approaching his bedtime. All things considered, Christian really hung in there and proved to be a pretty happy and resilient little guy. Here's a quick slide show of their adventure (omitted are all the pictures of Christian crying and frantically trying to escape from his father's grasp to roam the airplane aisle).
Despite the long hours of traveling, Christian was in great spirits and was happy to see his Grandma and Grandpa Furr.

Here is Larry's father with his siblings Teri, Randy, and Cheri, immediately following the funeral.

Later that day the family got together to visit. Christian had a lot of fun playing with his cousin Abby and Larry's cousin Annie.

Back at Grandma and Grandpa Furr's house, Christian and Abby got in some quality time together.

They especially enjoyed playing on the piano together.

Here are the cousins playing a duet.

Although it was a strenuous trip, Larry and Christian are very happy that they made the trip to Pennsylvania to visit with family and honor the memory of Great Grandpa Furr.


Anonymous said...

Even though it was probably lots of work to take Christian, I'm sure your parents were so happy to have you and him home for a little bit. Loved the pictures of the cousin duet. They are both darling kids.--Kristy

Kelly said...

We were so glad to see you both! We'll miss the family at Christmas!