June 9, 2010

Off to Thailand

Elder Jamison Furr departed Salt Lake City on Tuesday, June 8th. After being on several planes for a total of 19 hours and flying through many time zones, he will arrive in Bangkok on June 10th. Here he is at the Salt Lake airport with the other missionaries traveling with him to Thailand. Jamison is on the back row, third in from the right.

He was originally supposed to have a 26 hour layover in Taipei, Taiwan (putting him in Bangkok on the 11th instead), but that flight got canceled and he now thankfully only has a one hour layover in Taipei (assuming he makes his new flight in such little time).

Hopefully we'll soon hear from his mission president that he's arrived there safely. We're very excited for Jamison and can't wait to hear all about his mission to Thailand.


Danny and Trishy said...

aww we're gonna really miss him. I'm so excited for him to experience Asian culture and food. So proud of him.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Jamison. Have a wonderful spiritual adventure.--KOLsen

Elissa said...

That is fun and exciting. Congrats! Have a great time.