June 21, 2010

It's Our Time to Sing Together

This past spring Ava graduated from her first year of Kindermusik. Ava took classes both in the fall and spring—and they quickly became one of her favorite things to do each week. Here is Ava with her teacher Miss Patrice, whom she loved!

One thing that made Kindermusik classes so fun for Ava was that she got to take them with her cousin Annissa in the fall, and her cousin Sophie in both the fall and spring (Sophie is the girl with the black bow in her hair).

Granny O was kind enough to watch Christian each week so that Krista could join Ava in class.

The class included music and movement and always had so many fun activities, including this one in which Ava managed to have one of her scarves in front of her face every time Krista snapped a picture.

Ava loved taking the classes and still enjoys listening and singing along to her Kindermusik CDs.


Liz O. said...

Sophie loved, loved, LOVED being in Kindermusik with Ava. She pretty much talked about it nonstop! I wish they could still be in the same class next year!

Anonymous said...

I love Kindermusik so much. Ava was so darling in it. It was such fun to have Annissa and Sophie there with her. I hope Ava takes it next year. It is such a great preparation for any musical endeavor.--GrannyO

Hailey said...

I'd love to put my boys in that in the fall. Would you mind emailing me the info? It looks like it would be right up their alley.
Ava always looks so glam! I bet she was teacher's pet :)