April 12, 2010

On a Mission

Larry's brother Jamison entered the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah on Wednesday, March 24th. Jamison will spend 12 weeks in the MTC learning the Thai language, after which he will serve the remaining two years of his mission in Thailand...

...and we're fairly certain that mom Furr will be counting down all 730 days until son #4 returns safely home from the mission field.

Prior to dropping Jamison off at the MTC, we took some pictures by the Provo temple just across the street. Jamison, who is notorious in the Furr family for always having his eyes closed in pictures, did not disappoint and blinked, winked, or squinted in literally every picture we took including this one with Ava.

Ava has really enjoyed having her uncle Jamison down at BYU this past year and half and will certainly miss his weekend visits while he is gone. Lucky for Ava, her uncle Jordan (Larry's youngest brother) was recently accepted to BYU and will be attending there this fall.

In the meantime, we wish Elder Furr well as he serves his mission to Thailand.

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Danny and Trishy said...

these are great pictures. I love Mom Furr's cute hair.. and Ava has the best outfit..