April 18, 2010

Baby Easter Bunny

Christian was very excited to celebrate his first Easter. So excited that he wore these bunny ears for the entire week leading up to Easter (not really, but it sounded good).

The Saturday morning before Easter we took the kids to a neighborhood egg hunt. It was extremely cold this year, so Christian watched from the sidelines. We told Ava to run fast and pick up as many eggs as she could. She did great on the running fast part; not so much on the picking up eggs part. Had it been a race she would have won, as she ran past all the eggs to the other end of the field before stopping to pick up a single egg. Luckily, Ava did much better at our family egg hunt the following day.

As per tradition, we went to Granny O's on Saturday afternoon for some egg painting. Ava was an egg painting virtuoso and literally painted over a dozen eggs (and has been asking to paint more eggs ever since).

Here are Ava and Christian looking darling in their Easter Sunday outfits.

Oh yeah, and there was lots of candy, a delicious Sunday dinner, and Easter baskets too, but we know you all only come here to see pictures of the kids.


Anonymous said...

The picture of Ava and Christian in their Easter attire is absolutely darling. Christian is such a happy little boy; what a doll!--GrannyO

Danny and Trishy said...

Oh my goodness Ava and Jellybean are super adorable. I love Christian's smile.

Hailey said...

I can't believe Christian can sit up already! Where did you get his darling outfit? I love it! What cute kids...