March 4, 2010


Ava and Christian each experienced firsts recently. Christian's first was eating. He turned out to be a natural.

In fact, after just a few bites, he was holding onto Krista's hand trying to keep the rice cereal coming as fast as possible.

Ava's first was getting her hair cut and styled.

She was pretty excited at first, but soon realized that sitting still for several minutes while having your hair combed, yanked, cut, and dried isn't all that it's cracked up to be (although she loved driving the pink car).

She was, however, quite pleased with the final result. She chose the "princess pony" style, which apparently has nothing to do with a pony (or ponytail for that matter), but had the word princess in it, which instantly appealed to Ava.


Elissa said...

Yea for Yummy rice cereal! He sure looks like he enjoys it.
Ava looks so cute with her new hair cut. She is looking so grown up.

Anonymous said...

Darling little people who are growing up. Hair cuts and cereal!--GrannyO

The Jones :) said...

Christian is getting so big...and I love that he's holding your hand!! And she's a cutie!!! Love the hair cute and style...she looks even more grown up!!

Hailey said...

That's so cute that Christian wants the grub coming steadily! Ava's first haircut looks darling! I can't believe how long it has gotten.

Sally said...

They are both so cute! Ava's hair is just beautiful. She looks so grown up now!