July 2, 2007

Discovering Nature

We spent a few days up in Sun Valley with Krista's family last month and took these pictures of Ava playing with a flower. At first we were trying to use the flower to get Ava to look at the camera. When that failed, we decided to just give it to her to play with. This resulted in some darling pictures.

Here she ponders how the flower works. Note the perplexed look.

Let's take a closer look. I wonder if I can eat this? (Yes, she tried.)

Fine, if I can't eat it, I guess I'll just tear it apart instead.

Who knew a flower could be so fascinating?


The Jones :) said...

Too cute...she sure is interested in that flower!!! She's getting so big...and cute as ever!!

Anonymous said...

AWWW ava...
i love this pictures..she is turning into a big girl now. i miss her..


Anonymous said...

She is such a beautiful baby. It is so fun to see how grown up she is getting to be.--Granny O