January 13, 2007

Bath Time

We gave Ava her first "real" bath the other day. She's had several sponge baths already, but now that her umbilical cord has fallen completely off (leaving her with a belly button that appears to be an outty), we were able to give her a bath in her tub.

We thought she might cry when placing her in the water, but she quite enjoyed sitting in her bathtub. I guess we shouldn't have been surprised considering that she did live in liquid for nine months.

Even when we washed her hair she stayed calm and collected. Getting a little water in her eyes didn't even phase her; although she did flail her arms a bit. So it's probably just a matter of time before she discovers how to make splasheswe'll enjoy staying dry until then.

After the bath we wrapped her up in her towel and snapped a few more pictures. We'll post some more pictures tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

I see that we have another little Betsy coming along!
Betsy's hair was just like that when we washed it when she was little. Granny O.