January 20, 2007

Anchors Away

Ava is starting to fit into a few more of her outfits, and starting to grow out of a few others. Krista recently dressed her up in this little sailor outfit, which of course prompted an impromptu photo shoot when Larry got home from work.

We especially liked her face on this one.

Her little ear it getting bent on this one.

She's trying to ward off the flashbulbs.

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Anonymous said...

Krista & Larry...she's so dang cute...and i love the bows!!! Man...little girls are so cute!!! I miss you guys...and hope to keep in touch...and get together sometime for Ava & Klous to play!!! I'm gonna make a blog...will let you know what it is!!! Feel free to e-mail anytime beckijonesburger@hotmail.com :)
Becki, Ryan, & Klous :)